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981 Hugo Swedish Intelligent. M
982 Hugo Teutonic Intelligent. M
983 Hugues Teutonic Intelligent. M
984 Hukkok Biblical Engraver, scribe, lawyer. M
985 Hul Biblical Pain, infirmity. M
986 Hulbard German Graceful. M
987 Hulbart German Graceful. M
988 Hulbert German Graceful. M
989 Huldiberaht German Graceful. M

990 Humaayoon Muslim Variant of Humayun: Blessed. Auspicious.. M
991 Humam Muslim Courageous and generous.. M
992 Humayd Arabic Praised. M
993 Humayun Muslim Blessed. Auspicious.. M
994 Humbert German Bright giant. M
995 Humbert Teutonic Shining support. M
996 Humberto German Big; bright. M
997 Humberto Spanish Intelligent; Big; bright. M
998 Humberto Teutonic Intelligent. M
999 Hume Scottish From the cave. M
1000 Hume Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' John Hume, a priest. M

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