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21 Habor Biblical A partaker, a companion. M
22 Hachaliah Biblical Who waits for the Lord. M
23 Hachmoni Biblical A wise man M
24 Hacket German Little hacker. M
25 Hackett German Little hacker. M
26 Hadad Biblical Joy, noise, clamor. M
27 Hadadezer Biblical Beauty of assistance. M
28 Hadadrimmon Biblical Invocation to the god Rimmon. M
29 Hadar Biblical Power, greatness. M

30 Hadar Hebrew Glory. M
31 Hadarezer Biblical Beauty of assistance. M
32 Hadashah Biblical News, a month. M
33 Hadassah Persian Myrtle or bride. M
34 Haddad Arabic Smith. M
35 Hadden English From the heath. M
36 Haddon English From the heath. M
37 Hadee Muslim Variant of Hadi: Guiding to the right.. M
38 Haden English From the heath. M
39 Hadeon Ukrainian Destroyer. M
40 Hadheer Muslim Variant of Hadhir: Present. Attending.. M

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