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121 Gar English Spear. M
122 Gara Irish Mastiff. M
123 Garabed Armenian Forerunner. M
124 Garaden English From the three cornered hill. M
125 Garadin English From the three cornered hill. M
126 Garadun English From the three cornered hill. M
127 Garadyn English From the three cornered hill. M
128 Garafeld English From the triangular field. M
129 Garai Egyptian Settled. M

130 Garai Latin Conqueror. M
131 Garan French Guards; guardian. M
132 Garan German Guards; guardian. M
133 Garanhon Welsh Legendary son of GIythvyr. M
134 Garanwyn Welsh White shank. M
135 Garatun English Lives in the triangular farm stead. M
136 Garberend Anglo-Saxon Spear bearer. M
137 Garbhach Gaelic Rough. M
138 Garbhan Gaelic Rough. M
139 Garbhan Irish Rough. M
140 Garcia Spanish Brave in battle. M

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