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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
21 Gabriele Italian Italian form of Gabriel 'God given strength'. M
22 Gabrielo Hebrew God is my strength. M

23 Gabrio Spanish God is my strength. M
24 Gace French Pledge. M
25 Gad Biblical A band, a troop. M
26 Gad NativeAmerican Juniper tree (Navajo). M
27 Gada Indian Mace. M
28 Gadarenes Biblical Men of Gadara; i.e. a place surrounded or walled M
29 Gaddi Biblical My troop, a kid. M
30 Gaddiel Biblical Goat of God; the Lord my happiness M
31 Gaderian Anglo-Saxon Gathers. M
32 Gadhi Indian Father of Vishvamitra. M
33 Gadhra Irish Mastiff. M

34 Gadi Arabic My wealth. M
35 Gadiel Arabic God is my wealth. M
36 Gael Irish Stranger. M
37 Gaelan Gaelic Tranquil. M
38 Gaelan Greek Tranquil. For 1500 years accepted medical practices were based on the research of 2nd century physician Galen. M
39 Gaelbhan Gaelic Sparrow or white. M
40 Gaenor Welsh A variant of the Gaelic Gaynor, meaning 'son of the blond man'. M

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