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101 Fairlee English Variant of Fairleigh: Bull meadow. M
102 Fairleigh English Bull meadow. M
103 Fairlie English From the bull's pasture. M
104 Fairoze Muslim Turquoise. Precious stone.. M
105 Faisal Arabic Stubborn. M
106 Faisal Muslim Decisive. Arbitrator.. M
107 Fakhir Arabic Variant of Fakhr: Glory. M
108 Fakhir Muslim Excellent. Proud.. M
109 Fakhir Aldin Arabic Variant of Fakhr Aldin: Glorious religion. M

110 Fakhr Arabic Glory. M
111 Fakhr Aldin Arabic Glorious religion. M
112 Fakhree Muslim Variant of Fakhri: Glorious. Proud.. M
113 Fakhri Arabic Variant of Fakhr: Glory. M
114 Fakhri Muslim Glorious. Proud.. M
115 Fakhrid Adin Arabic Variant of Fakhr Aldin: Glorious religion. M
116 Fakhry Muslim Honorary.. M
117 Fakih Arabic Smart; intelligent. M
118 Falaah Muslim Variant of Falah: Success. Progress.. M
119 Falah Muslim Success. Progress.. M
120 Falak Hindi Heaven. M

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