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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
541 Fitzpatrick French Son of Patrick. Surname. M
542 Fitzpatrick Irish Statesman's son. M

543 Fitzpatrick Teutonic Son of Patrick. M
544 Fitzroy English A name meaning 'king's illegitimate son'. M
545 Fitzsimmons English Son of Simon. M
546 Fitzsimon English Son of Simon. M
547 Fitzsimons English Son of Simon. M
548 Fitzwalter English Son of Walter. M
549 Fitzwater English Son of Walter. M
550 Fitzwater Shakespearean 'King Richard The Second' Lord Fitzwater. M
551 Fitzwilliam Irish Soldier's son. M
552 FIynn Gaelic Son of the red haired one. M
553 FIynn Irish Ruddy. M

554 Fjall Norse From the rough hill. M
555 Flaine Irish Variant of Flannery: Red-haired. M
556 Flainn Irish Ruddy. M
557 Flaminio Spanish Priest. M
558 Flaminius Shakespearean 'The Life of Timon of Athens' M
559 Flanagan Irish Ruddy. M
560 Flann Gaelic Red haired. M

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