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Popular Scandinavian names for girls and boys

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161 Jorian Scandinavian Variant of George. M
162 Jorn Scandinavian Variant of George. M
163 Joron Scandinavian Variant of George. M
164 Jorry Scandinavian Variant of George. M
165 Jory Scandinavian Variant of George. M
166 Karalie Scandinavian Abbreviation of Katherine. 'Pure.'. M
167 Karl Scandinavian Man; manly. M
168 Karlen Scandinavian Womanly; strength. Feminine of Karl. M
169 Karri Scandinavian Abbreviation of Katherine. 'Pure.'. M

170 Kelby Scandinavian Place by the fountain or spring. M
171 Kerk Scandinavian Church. M
172 Khristopher Scandinavian Form of Christopher. M
173 Kirk Scandinavian Church. M
174 Kirkland Scandinavian Church. M
175 Kirklin Scandinavian Church. M
176 Kirklyn Scandinavian Church. M
177 Knut Scandinavian Knot. M
178 Knute Scandinavian Knot. Form of Canute; the name of an eleventh-century king of Denmark and England. M
179 Kris Scandinavian Scandinavian diminutive of Christopher: carrier of Christ. Famous Bearer: American singer Kris Kristofferson. M
180 Kristian Scandinavian Form of Christian. M

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