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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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141 Den Norse From Denmark. M
142 Denby Norse From Denmark. M
143 Denny Norse From Denmark. M
144 Derby Norse From Denmark. M
145 Desiderio Norse Desired. M
146 Digby Norse From the dike settlement. M
147 Dikibyr Norse From the dike settlement. M
148 Draupnir Norse Armlet of Odin. M
149 Dreng Norse Farmhand; brave. M

150 Duartr Norse Rich guard. M
151 Durin Norse A mythical dwarf. M
152 Dyre Norse Valuable; dear. M
153 Dyri Norse Dear. M
154 Eggther Norse Guardian for the giants. M
155 Egil Norse Inspires fright. M
156 Eigil Norse Inspires fright. M
157 Eikki Norse Eternal ruler. M
158 Eilif Norse Wounded in an attack on Hlidarend. M
159 Einar Norse Leader; fighter. M
160 Eirik Norse Forever strong or eternal ruler. M


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