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101 Araminte Hebrew Lofty. F
102 Ardath Hebrew Flowering field. F
103 Areille Hebrew Lioness of God. F
104 Arial Hebrew Feminine form of Ariel: Sprite; lion of God. A biblical alternate name for Jerusalem. Name of a prankish spirit in Shakespeare's The Tempest. F
105 Aridatha Hebrew Flowering field. F
106 Ariel Hebrew Lioness of God. Biblical name for Jerusalem. Used by Shakespeare for a mischevious spirit in The Tempest. F
107 Ariela Hebrew Lioness of God. F
108 Ariellel Hebrew Lioness of God. F
109 Asenka Hebrew Grace. F

110 Asenke Hebrew Grace. F
111 Ashira Hebrew Wealthy. F
112 Asya Hebrew Grace. F
113 Atalia Hebrew God is great. F
114 Atalie Hebrew God is great. F
115 Atara Hebrew Crowned. F
116 Atarah Hebrew Crowned. F
117 Atera Hebrew Pray. F
118 Ateret Hebrew Crowned. F
119 Athaleyah Hebrew Lioness of God. F
120 Athalia Hebrew God is great. F

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