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961 Vardit Hebrew Rose. F
962 Vared Hebrew Rose. F
963 Vida Hebrew Dearly loved. F
964 Vidette Hebrew Dearly loved. F
965 Ya akove Hebrew Replaces. F
966 Ya el Hebrew Goat. F
967 Yachne Hebrew Kind. F
968 Yaffa Hebrew Beautiful. F
969 Yaffit Hebrew Beautiful. F

970 Yardenah Hebrew From the river Jordan. F
971 Yarkona Hebrew Green. F
972 Yedidah Hebrew Friend. F
973 Yehudit Hebrew Praise. F
974 Yelizavetam Hebrew Devoted to God. F
975 Yelysaveta Hebrew Devoted to God. F
976 Yem Hebrew Life. F
977 Yetsye Hebrew Life. F
978 Yevunye Hebrew Life. F
979 Yocheved Hebrew God's glory. F
980 Yona Hebrew Dove. F

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