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81 Eneti Hawaiian Variant of Elenek: Avid; eager. M
82 Enoka Hawaiian Educated. M
83 Epelaima Hawaiian Fertile. M
84 Epena Hawaiian Stone. M
85 Eperaima Hawaiian Variant of Epelaima: Fertile. M
86 Ereneti Hawaiian Variant of Elenek: Avid; eager. M
87 Etana Hawaiian Variant of Ekana: Strong. M
88 Eukakio Hawaiian Steady. M
89 Eukepio Hawaiian Worships well. M

90 Eusebio Hawaiian Variant of Eukepio: Worships well. M
91 Eutakio Hawaiian Variant of Eukakio: Steady. M
92 Ezekiela Hawaiian Variant of Ekekiela: Powerful god. M
93 Ezera Hawaiian Variant of Ekela: Help. M
94 Kai Hawaiian The sea. M
95 Kaila Hawaiian Style. M
96 Kaimi Hawaiian The seeker. M
97 Kalani Hawaiian The sky; chieftain. M
98 Kana Hawaiian A Maui demigod who could take the form of a rope and stretch from Molokai to Hawaii. M
99 Kanoa Hawaiian The free one. M
100 Keoki Hawaiian Form of George. M

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