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Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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421 Quin Celtic Wise. M
422 Quinn Celtic Wise. M
423 Reagan Celtic Regal. M
424 Reaghan Celtic Regal. M
425 Regan Celtic Regal. M
426 Reghan Celtic Regal. M
427 Ronan Celtic Oath. M
428 Roy Celtic Red haired. M
429 Sativola Celtic Name of a saint. M

430 Sawyer Celtic Cuts timber. M
431 SciIti Celtic Legendary messenger of Arthur. M
432 Setanta Celtic Mythical son of Sualtam. M
433 Sheridan Celtic Untamed. M
434 Sloan Celtic Fighter. M
435 Sloane Celtic Fighter. M
436 Sugn Celtic Mythical son of Sugnedudd. M
437 Tadhg Celtic Mythical a prince of Munster. M
438 Taliesin Celtic Bard. M
439 Tanguy Celtic Fighter. M
440 Teaghue Celtic Bard. M

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