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Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
281 Gwernaeh Celtic Mythical. M
282 Gwri Celtic Of the golden hair. M

283 Gwynham Celtic Mythical father of Teithi. M
284 Harvey Celtic 'Eager for battle.'. M
285 Hefeydd Celtic Mythical father of Rhiannon. M
286 Heilyn Celtic Mythical son of Gwyn. M
287 Henbeddestr Celtic Fastest man. M
288 Henwas Celtic Mythical brother of Henbeddestr. M
289 Herne Celtic Mythical hunter god. M
290 Huarwar Celtic Mythical son of Halwn. M
291 Hueil Celtic Mythical son of Caw. M
292 Iden Celtic Wealthy. M
293 Inness Celtic From the island. M

294 Innis Celtic From the island. M
295 Irven Celtic White. M
296 Irvin Celtic White. M
297 Irving Celtic White. M
298 Irvyn Celtic White. M
299 Jarvis Celtic Variant of Gervase: Servant spear. This name is derived from combining an Old Gcrman name meaning spear, and the Celtic word for servant. Famous bearer: martyr St Gervase who died in Milan. M
300 Kane Celtic Warrior. Intelligent. Popular as a first name in Australia. M

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