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1181 Syracuse Biblical That draws violently. F
1182 Taanach Biblical Who humbles thee, who answers thee. F
1183 Taanach-shilo Biblical Breaking down a fig-tree. F
1184 Tabbath Biblical Good, goodness. F
1185 Taberah Biblical Burning. F
1186 Tabitha Biblical Clear-sighted, a roe-deer F
1187 Tabor Biblical Choice, purity, bruising. F
1188 Tadmor Biblical The palm-tree, bitterness. F
1189 Tahapenes Biblical Secret temptation. F

1190 Tahath Biblical Fear, going down. F
1191 Tahpenes Biblical Standard, flight, temptation. F
1192 Talitha-cumi Biblical Young woman; arise F
1193 Talmai Biblical My furrow, that suspends the waters, heap of waters. F
1194 Tamah Biblical Blotting or wiping out, smiting. F
1195 Tamar Biblical Palm, palm-tree. F
1196 Tammuz Biblical Abstruse, concealed, consumed. F
1197 Tanach Biblical Who humbles thee, who answers thee. F
1198 Taphath Biblical Distillation, drop. F
1199 Tappuah Biblical Apple, swelling. F
1200 Tarah Biblical A hair, a wretch, one banished. F

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