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161 Nowa Arabic Light. F
162 Nudar Arabic Gold. F
163 Nudara Arabic Gold. F
164 Nura Arabic Light. F
165 Nweh Arabic Light. F
166 Oma Arabic Commanding. F
167 Rafa Arabic Happy. F
168 Rahi Arabic Spring. F
169 Rahimateh Arabic Grace. F

170 Raja Arabic Hope. F
171 Rana Arabic Behold. F
172 Rasha Arabic Gazelle. F
173 Rima Arabic White antelope. F
174 Sabirah Arabic Of great patience. F
175 Sadira Arabic Ostrich running from water. F
176 Safa Arabic Innocent. F
177 Safiwah Arabic Tranquil. F
178 Sagirah Arabic Little one. F
179 Sahar Arabic Awakening. F
180 Saidah Arabic Fortunate. F

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