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121 Jessamyn Arabic A flower name from the older form Jessamine. F
122 Jumanah Arabic A silver pearl. F
123 Kalila Arabic Dearly loved. F
124 Kalilah Arabic Darling; sweetheart. F
125 Kamila Arabic Perfect. F
126 Kamilah Arabic Perfect. F
127 Kamilla Arabic Perfection. F
128 Kamille Arabic Perfection. F
129 Karida Arabic Virgin. F

130 Karima Arabic Generous; a friend. Feminine of Karim. F
131 Karimah Arabic Giving. F
132 Ketifa Arabic Flowering. F
133 Khadijah Arabic Muhammad's first wife who the Koran describes as one of four perfect women. (Fatima and Mary and Aisha were the others. ). F
134 Khalidah Arabic Eternal. F
135 Laila Arabic Born at night. F
136 Leila Arabic Born at night. F
137 Leilah Arabic Born at night. F
138 Lela Arabic Born at night. F
139 Leyla Arabic Born at night. F
140 Lina Arabic Delicate. F

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