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Popular Anglo-Saxon names for girls and boys

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41 Amaethon Anglo-Saxon God of agriculture. M
42 Anbidian Anglo-Saxon Patient. M
43 Ancenned Anglo-Saxon Only child. M
44 Andettan Anglo-Saxon Confesses. M
45 Andsaca Anglo-Saxon Enemy. M
46 Andswarian Anglo-Saxon Answers. M
47 Andswaru Anglo-Saxon Answers. M
48 Andweard Anglo-Saxon Present. M
49 Andwearde Anglo-Saxon Present. M

50 Andwyrdan Anglo-Saxon Present. M
51 Ane Anglo-Saxon Graceful. M
52 Anfeald Anglo-Saxon Simple. M
53 Anhaga Anglo-Saxon Solitary. M
54 Ann Anglo-Saxon Graceful. M
55 Anna Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
56 Anson Anglo-Saxon Ann's son. M
57 Anwealda Anglo-Saxon Ruler. M
58 Archard Anglo-Saxon Sacred. M
59 Archerd Anglo-Saxon Sacred. M
60 Archibald Anglo-Saxon Bold. M


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