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481 Roxy Persian Diminutive of Roxana: Dawn; bright. F
482 Royale French Regal. F
483 Roz Polish Rose. F
484 Roza Hungarian Lily or rose. F
485 Rozalia Hungarian Lily or rose. F
486 Rozalia Italian Rose. F
487 Rozalia Polish Rose. F
488 Rozamond Dutch Reknown defender. F
489 Rozeena Muslim Variant of Rozina: Daily pay.. F

490 Rozene NativeAmerican Rose. F
491 Rozina Muslim Daily pay.. F
492 Rozmonda German Noted protector. F
493 Rozomund German Noted protector. F
494 Rozyuka Polish Rose. F
495 Rubetta Latin Little precious jewel. F
496 Rubi Muslim Ruby. Precious stone.. F
497 Rubie French Jewel. F
498 Rubina English Variant of Ruby: Ruby (precious stone). F
499 Ruby English Ruby (precious stone). F
500 Ruby French Jewel. F

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