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221 Orlanthe Teutonic Renowned fame. F
222 Orlee Hebrew Light. F
223 Orlena French Gold. F
224 Orlena Latin Golden. F
225 Orlenda Russian Eagle. F
226 Orlene French Gold. F
227 Orlene Latin Golden. F
228 Orlina French Gold. F
229 Ornan Biblical That rejoices. F

230 Ornetta Hebrew Cedar tree. F
231 Orpah Biblical The neck or skull. F
232 Orphe Latin Lover of Dionysus. F
233 Orquidea Spanish Orchid. F
234 Orquidia Spanish Orchid. F
235 Ortensia Latin Farmer. F
236 Ortensiana Latin Farmer. F
237 Ortensie Latin Farmer. F
238 Ortrud Teutonic Serpentine. F
239 Ortruda Teutonic Serpentine. F
240 Ortrude Teutonic Serpentine. F

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