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541 Nova Latin New; young. F
542 Nova NativeAmerican Chases butterfly (Hopi). F
543 Novea Latin Young. F
544 Novia Latin Young. F
545 Nowa Arabic Light. F
546 Nox Greek Night. F
547 Nox Latin Goddess of night. F
548 Noy Hebrew Decoration. F
549 Nuala Gaelic Variant of Fenella: White shoulder. From Fionnghuala or Fionnuala. F

550 Nuala Irish Lovely shoulders. F
551 Nuallan Gaelic Famous. F
552 Nubia Egyptian From Nubia. F
553 Nudar Arabic Gold. F
554 Nudar Muslim Gold.. F
555 Nudara Arabic Gold. F
556 Nuha Muslim Intelligence.. F
557 Nukpana NativeAmerican Evil (Hopi). F
558 Numa Muslim Beautiful and pleasant.. F
559 Numees NativeAmerican Sister (Algonquin). F
560 Numeria Latin Goddesses who helped with childbirth. F

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