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1421 Muirne Irish Beloved. F
1422 Mujaahida Muslim Variant of Mujahida: Crusader. Warrior.. F
1423 Mujahida Muslim Crusader. Warrior.. F
1424 Mujeeba Muslim Variant of Mujiba: Respondent. Answering.. F
1425 Mujiba Muslim Respondent. Answering.. F
1426 Mukamutara Egyptian Daughter of Mutara. F
1427 Mukantagara Egyptian Born during war. F
1428 Mukarramma Egyptian Revered. F
1429 Muminah Egyptian Pious. F

1430 Muminah Muslim Pious believer.. F
1431 Muna Arabic Desire. F
1432 Muna Muslim Wish. Desire.. F
1433 Muna NativeAmerican Overflowing spring (Hopi). F
1434 Munawwara Muslim Lighted. Illuminated.. F
1435 Munazza Muslim Infallible. Free.. F
1436 Muneera Muslim Variant of Munira: Luminous. Brilliant. Illuminating.. F
1437 Munira Muslim Luminous. Brilliant. Illuminating.. F
1438 Munirah Muslim Variant of Munira: Luminous. Brilliant. Illuminating.. F
1439 Muqaddasa Muslim Sacred. Holy.. F
1440 Mura Russian Bitter. F

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