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161 Beerelim Biblical The well of Elim, or of rains. F
162 Beeroth Biblical Wells, explaining. F
163 Beersheba Biblical The well of an oath, the seventh well. F
164 Befle Latin Diminutive of Amabel: Beautiful, loving, lovable.Amabel was used frequently during the Middle Ages and briefly in the 19th century, and has now been largely replaced by the diminutive Mabel. F
165 Begum Muslim Princess. Lady.. F
166 Behemoth Biblical Beasts. F
167 Behula Indian Perfect wife. F
168 Beitris Gaelic Gaelic form of Beatrice. F
169 Bekah Biblical Half a shekel. F

170 Bel Czechoslovakian White. F
171 Bel English Diminutive of Annabel: Variant of the Latin Amabel. Edgar Allan Poe's poem Annahel Lee' made the form Annabel popular throughout the English-speaking world in the 19th century. The form Annabelle became popular in the mid-2Oth century. F
172 Bel French Fair. Lovely one. Sometimes used as an independent name associated with the French word belle, meaning beautiful. F
173 Bel German Diminutive of Belinda: From the Old German Betlindis, which is derived from the word for snake. F
174 Bel Latin Beautiful, loving, lovable. Diminutive of Amabel, Annabel, Belinda, or Isabel. F
175 Bel Spanish Diminutive of Isabel: Devoted to God. A Spanish variant of Elizabeth. F
176 Bela Czechoslovakian White. F
177 Bela Hindi Jasmine. F
178 Bela Hungarian Intelligent. F
179 Belah Biblical Destroying. F
180 Belakane ArthurianLegend An African queen. F

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