Browse Boys Baby Names Starting with letter 'P'

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
321 Peninnah Biblical Pearl, precious stone, the face. M
322 Penleigh English From the enclosed pasture meadow. M

323 Penley English From the enclosed pasture meadow. M
324 Penn English From the enclosure. M
325 Penn German Commander. M
326 Penn Welsh From the peak. M
327 Pennleah English From the enclosed pasture meadow. M
328 Penrith Anglo-Saxon From Penrith. M
329 Penrod German Famous commander. M
330 Pentapolis Biblical Five cities. M
331 Pentapolis Shakespearean 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' Simonides, King of Pentapolis. M
332 Pentateuch Biblical The five books of Moses. M
333 Pentecost Biblical Fiftieth. M

334 Pentheus Greek A king of Thebes. M
335 Penton English From the enclosed farm. M
336 Penuel Biblical Face or vision of God, that sees God. M
337 Penvro Welsh From pembroke. M
338 Peor Biblical Hole, opening. M
339 Pepe Spanish Spanish form of Joseph 'He shall add'. M
340 Pephredo Latin Dreaded. M

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