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141 Ollaneg English From Olney. M
142 Ollie French Diminutive of Oliver: Olive tree. M
143 Ollie German Diminutive of Oliver: Elf army. Can also be a variant of Olaf: Relic, ancestral heritage. M
144 Ollie Latin Diminutive of Oliver: Olive (symbol of peace); peaceful. M
145 Olliver Latin Peaceful. M
146 Olney English From Olney. M
147 Olof Norse Relic. M
148 Olof Swedish Andent. M
149 Olvaerr Norse Affectionate. M

150 Olvan Latin Peaceful. M
151 Olvir Norse Affectionate. M
152 Olwydd Welsh Tracker. M
153 Olympas Biblical Heavenly. M
154 Olyn Norse Relic. M
155 Om Norse Father of Idunn. M
156 Omar Muslim Variant of Omar: Life. Long living.. M
157 Omar Arabic Long-lived. M
158 Omar Biblical He that speaks; bitter M
159 Omar Hebrew Eloquent. Speaker. The grandson of Esau in the Old Testament. Famous Bearers: 12th century Persian poet and astronomer and mathematician Omar Khayyam; Caliph Omar II, who made Islam an imperial power; actor Omar Sharif. M
160 Omar Muslim Life. Long living.. M

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