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601 Steffon Welsh Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen. M
602 Sugyn Welsh Legendary son of Sugynedydd. M
603 Sulyen Welsh Legendary son of Iaen. M
604 Syvwkh Welsh Legendary son of Cleddyv KyvwIch. M
605 Tad Welsh Father. M
606 Tadd Welsh Father. M
607 Taffy Welsh Diminutive of David: Beloved or friend, from the Hebrew. Sixth century St David (or Dewi) was patron saint of Wales. M
608 Taliesin Welsh Handsome; radiant brow. 6th century Welsh bard and author of the Book of Taliesin. M
609 Talyessin Welsh Handsome. M

610 Taren Welsh Thunder. M
611 Tarran Welsh Thunder. M
612 Tarrant Welsh Thunder. M
613 Taryn Welsh Thunder. M
614 Teithi Welsh Legendary son of Gwynnan. M
615 Teregud Welsh Legendary son of Iaen. M
616 Tewdwr Welsh God's gift. M
617 Timotheus Welsh Welsh form of Timothy 'God given'. M
618 Tomos Welsh Twin. M
619 Trahaym Welsh Incredibly strong. M
620 Trahern Welsh Incredibly strong. M

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