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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
381 Magni Norse One of the seven gods of the Aesir. M
382 Magnild Norse Fighter. M

383 Magnor Norse Fighter. M
384 Magnus Norse Fighter. M
385 Mani Norse Father of Ketil. M
386 Mar Norse Son of Naddodd. M
387 Mikkel Norse Norse form of Michael. M
388 Miolnir Norse Thor's hammer. M
389 Mjolnir Norse Thor's hammer. M
390 Modi Norse Son of Thor. M
391 Munin Norse Memory. M
392 Nagelfar Norse The ship that will carry the dead to Ragnarok. M
393 Nidhogg Norse A mythical dragon. M

394 Nidhug Norse A mythical dragon. M
395 Njal Norse Son of Thorgeir. M
396 Njall Norse Son of Thorgeir. M
397 Njord Norse Father of Freya. M
398 Njorthrbiartr Norse Hero. M
399 Norbert Norse Hero. M
400 Norberto Norse Hero. M

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