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81 Jahnu Indian Name of a sage. M
82 Jambha Indian Jaws. M
83 Jambhala Indian God of wealth. M
84 Javas Indian Quick. M
85 Jivin Indian Gives life. M
86 Josha Indian Satisfied. M
87 Jyotish Indian Moon. M
88 Kabandha Indian Ugly giant. M
89 Kakar Indian Grass. M

90 Kaklin Indian White horse. M
91 Kala Indian Black. M
92 Kalari Indian Forms of Shiva. M
93 Kali Indian Black. M
94 Kalki Indian White horse. M
95 Kami Indian Loving. M
96 Kanaka Indian Gold. M
97 Kanishka Indian Name of a king. M
98 Kavi Indian Poet. M
99 Kesin Indian Long haired almsman. M
100 Kintan Indian Crowned. M

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