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Popular German names for girls and boys

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621 Viveka German Little woman. F
622 Walborgd German Protecting ruler. F
623 Walburga German Power; protection. F
624 Walda German Ruler. F
625 Waldhurga German Protecting ruler. F
626 Wanda German Family; Wanderer. F
627 Wande German Wanderer. F
628 Wandy German Wanderer. F
629 Warda German Guardian. F

630 Welda German Ruler. F
631 Wenda German Variant of Wanda: Family; Wanderer. F
632 Wendy German Variant of Wanda: Family; Wanderer. F
633 Wido German Warrior maiden. F
634 Wilda German Untamed. F
635 Wilde German Untamed. F
636 Wilhelmina German 'Resolute protector.' Feminine variant of William. F
637 Wilhelmine German Resolute protector. F
638 Williamina German Feminine form of William: Will-helmet. Famous Bearers: poet and playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and William Wordsworth (1770-1850). F
639 Wilma German 'Resolute protector.' Feminine variant of William. F
640 Winifred German Peaceful friend. F

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