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Popular French names for girls and boys

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141 Burnel French Variant of Burnell: Little brown child. M
142 Burnell French Reddish brown haired. M
143 Burrell French Reddish. M
144 Byron French From the cottage. M
145 Caine French Place name unrelated to the Biblical Cain. M
146 Camille French The French form of Camilla or Camillus. Although Camille is used as both a girl's and boy's name in France, outside France it is not used as a masculine name. Famous bearer: the famous 1936 Greta Garbo film 'Camille'. M
147 Campbell French From the beautiful field. M
148 Cannan French Variant of Cannon: Church official. M
149 Canning French Variant of Cannon: Church official. M

150 Cannon French Church official. M
151 Canon French Variant of Cannon: Church official. M
152 Carel French Strong. M
153 Carlo French Strong. M
154 Carlos French Strong. M
155 Carolos French Strong. M
156 Carolus French Strong. M
157 Carvel French Swamp dweller. M
158 Carvell French Swamp dweller; spearman's estate or marshy estate. M
159 Cearbhall French Manly. M
160 Celeste French This French name is based on the Latin caelestis meaning 'heavenly'. Used as both a masculine and feminine name in France. M

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