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81 Admah Biblical Earthy; red; bloody M
82 Admatha Biblical A cloud of death, a mortal vapor. M
83 Adnah Biblical Eternal rest. M
84 Adoni-bezek Biblical The lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning M
85 Adoni-zedek Biblical Justice of the Lord; lord of justice M
86 Adonijah Biblical The Lord is my master M
87 Adonikam Biblical The Lord is raised M
88 Adoniram Biblical My Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation M
89 Adoraim Biblical Strength of the sea. M

90 Adoram Biblical Their beauty, their power. M
91 Adrammelech Biblical The cloak, glory, grandeur or power of the king. M
92 Adramyttium Biblical The court of death. M
93 Adriel Biblical The flock of God. M
94 Adullam Biblical Their testimony, their prey, their ornament. M
95 Adummim Biblical Earthy, red, bloody things. M
96 Aeneas Biblical Praised, praiseworthy. M
97 Aenon Biblical A cloud; fountain; his eye M
98 Agabus Biblical A locust, the father's joy or feast. M
99 Agag Biblical Roof, upper floor. M
100 Agee Biblical A valley, deepness. M

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