Makara (Capricorn) Monthly Rashiphal (Rashifal) for August 2017

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Makar rashi (Capricorn) August 2017 Rashiphal (Rashifal)

Monthly Capricorn Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology

Makara Rashi August 2017
 Rashiphal (Rashifal)Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Capricornus. It spans the 270–300th degree of the zodiac. People born under Uttarashadha Nakshatra (2, 3 and 4 Padas), Sravana Nakshatra (4 padas), Dhanista Nakshatra (1st and 2nd padas) comes under Makara rashi. Lord of this rashi is Saturn.

In this August month, For Makara rashi people, in this August month, Sun transits over Karkataka Rashi, 7th house up to 17th and then he moves to Simha rashi, 8th house. Venus transits over Mithuna Rashi, 6th house up to 21st and then he moves to Karka rashi, 7th house. Mars transits over Karkataka rashi, 7th house up to 27th and then he moves to Simha rashi, 8th house. Rahu transits over Simha Rashi, 8th house and Ketu transits over Kumbha Rashi, 2nd house up to 18th and then Rahu moves to Karka rashi, 7th house and Ketu moves to Makara rashi, 1st house. Mercury continues his transit over Simha Rashi, 8th house. Jupiter transits over Kanya rashi, 9th house, and Saturn transits over Vrishchika rashi, 11th house.

This month you will have normal time. Career wise you will have a tough time. You may have misunderstandings with your higher officials. Work wise you will get less satisfaction and there might be insults or lack of reputation at your work. You may also have a thinking of a change in job or position. some of you may have changed in job or position by the third week of this month. Rahu transit over eighth house ending in this month. this will reduce your mental stress and work stress. Financially this month will be normal. You may have to work hard to save money. You may face heavy expenditure in the third or fourth week of this month. you need to be careful while spending money in this month. this is not a good month for investments or purchase of fixed assets. You may also spend some money for your life partner. Family wise this month will be good. You will have good support from your family members. Your family will become a reason for your happiness. You may also spend much time with your family members. There is a trip with family members indicating in first two weeks. Health wise this month will be normal. You may face health issues related to stomach and head. You may also suffer from blood pressure or mental stress. Health wise first two weeks will be good and last two weeks you may face some health issues. taking precautions and chanting Surya or Shiva mantra or Stotra will reduce negative effects. Business people will have mixed result. First two weeks they will be busy with their business but last two weeks they may see reductions in business and fewer earnings. This is not a good month for partnership dealings and major investments. You may also need to be careful with govt officials. You may face some problem with them in last two weeks. Students will have average time. They will have a lack of interest in studies and tries to postpone everything. Due to debilitated Mars, they may feel disturbed and worried without any reason. They need to be strong and try to work hard to get desired results.

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vrishabha rashi, August 2017 rashi phal
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Vrishchika rashi, August 2017 rashi phal
Dhanu rashi, August 2017 rashi phal
Makara rashi, August 2017 rashi phal
Kumbha rashi, August 2017 rashi phal
Meena rashi, August 2017 rashi phal
Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and Moon sign based predictions. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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