Tula (Libra) Monthly Rashiphal (Rashifal) for December 2016

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Tula rashi (Libra) Monthly Rashiphal (Rashifal)

Monthly Libra Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology

Tula Rashi October 2015 Rashiphal (Rashifal)Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans the 180–210th degree of the zodiac. People born under Chitta nakshatra(3,4 Pada), Swati nakshatra (4), Vishakha nakshatra (1, 2, 3 Pada) comes under Tula rashi. Lord of this rashi is Venus.

In this December month, for Tula rashi people, Venus transits over Capricorn sign, 4th house from your moon sign, from 2nd December up to 29th and then he moves to Aquarius sign, 5th house. Mars transits over Capricorn sign, 4th house, up to 11th and then he moves to Aquarius sign, 5th house. Sun transits over Scorpio sign, 2nd house up to 15th of this month and then he moves to Sagittarius sign, 3rd house. Mercury will transit over Sagittarius sign, 3rd house entire month. There is no sign change for Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in this month. Jupiter over Kanya rashi, 12th house from Moon sign, Saturn over Vrishchika rashi, 2nd house from your Moon sign, Rahu over Simha rashi, 11th house from Moon sign and Ketu over Kumbha rashi, 5th house from your janma rashi.

A month brimming with fun, skip and accomplishments. Achievement and joy will be close by consistently. You will be loaded with quality, energy and imperativeness and seek after your critical works with an executioner impulse. Having a style for composing, you may get some of your articles distributed which will be generally perused and acknowledged. This will get you acclaim and acknowledgment in the general public and you will be glad and fulfilled because of this. You will coexist broadly with your sibling and sisters. They will amplify their entire hearted bolster towards you and you will likewise value the longing to help them in your most ideal way. The general environment at home will be wonderful and agreeable and sometimes will there be any distinction or question inside the family. So you will lead a tranquil and agreeable life.

December 2016 Rashiphal in Hindi

एक महीने आनन्द, उल्लास और उपलब्धियों से भरा है। सफलता और खुशी इस महीने भर में अपनी तरफ से हो जाएगा। तुम शक्ति, शक्ति और जीवन शक्ति से भर जाएगा और एक हत्यारा वृत्ति के साथ अपने महत्वपूर्ण कार्यों को आगे बढ़ाने के। लेखन के लिए एक स्वभाव के बाद, आप अपने लेख प्रकाशित जो व्यापक रूप से पढ़ा जाएगा और सराहना के कुछ मिल सकता है। यह आपको समाज में प्रसिद्धि और मान्यता मिल जाएगा और आप इस के कारण खुश और संतुष्ट हो जाएगा। तुम अपने भाई और बहनों के साथ मशहूर साथ मिल जाएगा। वे आप की ओर अपने पूरे दिल समर्थन का विस्तार होगा और आप भी उन्हें अपने सबसे अच्छे संभव तरीके से मदद करने की इच्छा याद रखेंगे। घर पर सामान्य वातावरण सुखद और सामंजस्यपूर्ण हो जाएगा और शायद ही कभी वहाँ परिवार के भीतर कोई अंतर या विवाद होगा। तो आप एक शांतिपूर्ण और आराम से जीवन व्यतीत करेंगे।

Mesha rashi,December 2016 rashi phal for ... rashi
vrishabha rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Mithuna rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Karka rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Simha rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Kanya rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Tula rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Vrishchika rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Dhanu rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Makara rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Kumbha rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Meena rashi, December 2016 rashi phal
Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and Moon sign based predictions. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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