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Popular Ukrainian names for girls and boys

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1 Aleksander Ukrainian Defender of man. M
2 Bodashka Ukrainian God's gift. M
3 Bogdan Ukrainian God's gift. M
4 Bohdan Ukrainian God's gift. M
5 Bohdanko Ukrainian God's gift. M
6 Borysko Ukrainian Warrior. M
7 Burian Ukrainian Dwells near the weeds. M
8 Danya Ukrainian God's gift. M
9 Danylets Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Daniel 'judge'. M

10 Danylko Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Daniel 'judge'. M
11 Dymtrus Ukrainian Ukrainian form of James 'supplanter'. M
12 Faddei Ukrainian Brave. M
13 Fadey Ukrainian Brave. M
14 Fadeyka Ukrainian Brave. M
15 Fadeyushka Ukrainian Brave. M
16 Hadeon Ukrainian Destroyer. M
17 Heorhiy Ukrainian Farmer. M
18 Ivan Ukrainian God's gift. M
19 Krystiyan Ukrainian Christian. M
20 Lyaksandro Ukrainian Defender of man. M

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