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Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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121 Editta Teutonic Wealthy present. F
122 Edolia Teutonic Good humor. F
123 Edolie Teutonic Good humor. F
124 Edra Teutonic Wealthy defender. F
125 Edrea Teutonic Wealthy defender. F
126 Edwige Teutonic Refuge from war. F
127 Edyta Teutonic Wealthy present. F
128 Edyte Teutonic Wealthy present. F
129 Elberta Teutonic Intelligent. F

130 Elda Teutonic Warrior. F
131 Elde Teutonic Warrior. F
132 Eldora Teutonic Gift of wisdom. F
133 Elfreda Teutonic Threatens the elves. F
134 Elfrida Teutonic Threatens the elves. F
135 Elga Teutonic Holy. F
136 Elke Teutonic Industrious. F
137 Elmina Teutonic Intimidating fame. F
138 Elmine Teutonic Intimidating fame. F
139 Eloise Teutonic Famous in war. F
140 Elsa Teutonic Noble maid. F

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