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Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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1141 Warwyk Teutonic Protecting ruler. M
1142 Washington Teutonic Active. M
1143 Wat Teutonic Strong fighter. M
1144 Watt Teutonic Strong fighter. M
1145 Weldon Teutonic From the spring by the hill. M
1146 Wenda Teutonic Wander. F
1147 Wende Teutonic Wander. F
1148 Wendel Teutonic Wanderer. M
1149 Wendelin Teutonic Wander. F

1150 Wendelina Teutonic Wander. F
1151 Wendeline Teutonic Wander. F
1152 Wendell Teutonic Wanderer. M
1153 Werhar Teutonic Protecting army. M
1154 Werner Teutonic Protecting army. M
1155 Wies Teutonic Famous fighter. M
1156 WiIhemine Teutonic Firm defender. F
1157 WiIlard Teutonic Brave. M
1158 Wileen Teutonic Firm defender. F
1159 Wilfred Teutonic Resolute peace. M
1160 Wilfrid Teutonic Resolute peace. M

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