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Popular Scottish names for girls and boys

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741 Nathara Scottish Snake. F
742 Nathrach Scottish Snake. M
743 Nathraichean Scottish Snake. M
744 Naughton Scottish Pure. M
745 Neakail Scottish Victorious people. M
746 Nechtan Scottish Pure. M
747 Neilan Scottish Champion Form of Neil. M
748 Neill Scottish Champion Form of Neil. M
749 Ness Scottish From the headland. M

750 Nessa Scottish From the headland. Can also be a variant of Nessie: (diminutive of Agnes: pure; chaste). F
751 Nessia Scottish From the headland. F
752 Nessie Scottish Diminutive of Agnes: pure; chaste. Nessie is also the nickname given to the fabled Loch Ness monster. F
753 Niall Scottish Champion. M
754 Nicol Scottish Victorious; conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas. M
755 Nighean Scottish Young woman. F
756 Nighinn Scottish Young woman. F
757 Norris Scottish From the north. M
758 Norval Scottish From the north valley. M
759 Ogilhinn Scottish From the high peak. M
760 Ogilvie Scottish From the high peak. M

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