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121 Chitsa NativeAmerican Fair. F
122 Chitto NativeAmerican Creek name meaning brave. M
123 Chochmingwu NativeAmerican Corn mother (Hopi). F
124 Chochmo NativeAmerican Mud mound (Hopi). M
125 Chochokpi NativeAmerican Throne for the clouds (Hopi). M
126 Chochuschuvio NativeAmerican White tailed deer (Hopi). M
127 Chogan NativeAmerican Blackbird (Algonquin). M
128 Cholena NativeAmerican Bird. F
129 Choovio NativeAmerican Antelope (Hopi). M

130 Chosovi NativeAmerican Bluebird (Hopi). F
131 Chosposi NativeAmerican Bluebird eye (Hopi). F
132 Choviohoya NativeAmerican Young deer (Hopi). M
133 Chowilawu NativeAmerican Joined together by water (Hopi). M
134 Chu'a NativeAmerican Snake (Hopi). M
135 Chu'mana NativeAmerican Snake maiden (Hopi). F
136 Chu'si NativeAmerican Snake flower (Hopi). F
137 Chuchip NativeAmerican Deer spirit (Hopi). M
138 Chunta NativeAmerican Cheating (Hopi). M
139 Chuslum Moxmox NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning yellow bull. M
140 Ciqala NativeAmerican Little one (Dakota). M

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