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481 Tahkeome NativeAmerican Little robe (Cheyenne). M
482 Tahki NativeAmerican Cold (Algonquin). F
483 Tahmelapachme NativeAmerican Dull knife (Cheyenne). M
484 Taima NativeAmerican Thunder. F
485 Taima NativeAmerican Thunder. M
486 Takala NativeAmerican Corn tassel (Hopi). F
487 Takoda NativeAmerican Friend to everyone (Sioux). M
488 Tala NativeAmerican Wolf. F
489 Tallulah NativeAmerican Running water. Famous Bearer: Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968). F

490 Talulah NativeAmerican Leaping water (Choctaw). F
491 Tama NativeAmerican Thunder. F
492 Tangakwunu NativeAmerican Rainbow (Hopi). M
493 Tansy NativeAmerican Name of a flower (Hopi). F
494 Tasunke NativeAmerican Horse (Dakota). M
495 Tatanka ptecila NativeAmerican Short bull (Dakota). M
496 Tate NativeAmerican He who talks too much. M
497 Tayanita NativeAmerican Young beaver (Cherokee). F
498 Teetonka NativeAmerican Talks too much (Sioux). M
499 Tehya NativeAmerican Predous. F
500 Telutci NativeAmerican Bear making dust (Miwok). M

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