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Popular Anglo-Saxon names for girls and boys

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81 Edmunda Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. F
82 Edris Anglo-Saxon Wealthy ruler. F
83 Edrys Anglo-Saxon Wealthy ruler. F
84 Edyt Anglo-Saxon Joyous. F
85 Edyth Anglo-Saxon Joyous. F
86 Elda Anglo-Saxon Wise or prudent advisor. F
87 Eldrida Anglo-Saxon Wise or prudent advisor. F
88 Eldride Anglo-Saxon Wise or prudent advisor. F
89 Elene Anglo-Saxon Name of a poem. F

90 Elga Anglo-Saxon Elfs spear. F
91 Ellenweorc Anglo-Saxon Famous courage. F
92 Ellette Anglo-Saxon Little elf. F
93 Elswyth Anglo-Saxon Elf from the willow trees. F
94 Elva Anglo-Saxon Elf. F
95 Elvia Anglo-Saxon Elf. F
96 Elvina Anglo-Saxon Friend of the elves. F
97 Elwine Anglo-Saxon Friend of the elves. F
98 Elwyna Anglo-Saxon Friend of the elves. F
99 Engel Anglo-Saxon Angel. F
100 Eostre Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the dawn. F

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