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101 Velda Teutonic Inspired intelligence. Variant of Veleda. F
102 Veleda Teutonic Inspired intelligence. Famous bearer: Veleda was a 1st century AD Germanic prophetess. F
103 Velika Russian Wonderful. F
104 Velika Slavic Great. F
105 Vellamo Finnish Protector. F
106 Velouette English Soft. F
107 Velvet English Soft. F
108 Vema Indian Goddess of sex. F
109 Vemita Latin Bom in the spring. F

110 Venessa Greek Butterfly. F
111 Venessa Latin Named for Venus. F
112 Venetia Celtic Blessed. F
113 Venetia Italian From Venice. F
114 Venilia Latin Of the sea and winds. F
115 Venita Latin Goddess of love and beauty. F
116 Ventura Spanish Good fortune. F
117 Venus Latin Goddess of love and beauty. F
118 Vera Latin True. F
119 Vera Russian Faith; true. F
120 Veradis Latin True. F


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