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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
281 Sena Latin Blessed. F
282 Senaah Biblical Bramble, enemy. F

283 Senalda Spanish Sign. F
284 Seneh Biblical Bramble, enemy. F
285 Senga Scottish Backward spelling of Agnes: pure; chaste. F
286 Senir Biblical Bed-candle, changing. F
287 Senona Spanish Lively. F
288 Senta German Assistant. F
289 Sente German Assistant. F
290 Seonaid Gaelic Gift from God. F
291 Seosaimhin Irish Fertile. F
292 Seosaimhthin Irish Fertile. F
293 Sephar Biblical Book, scribe, number. F

294 Sepharad Biblical A book descending. F
295 Sepharvaim Biblical The two books, the two scribes. F
296 Septima Latin Feminine form of Septimus: Born seventh. Name given to the seventh child born to a large family. F
297 Serafina Italian From the seraph. F
298 Serafina Spanish Seraph. F
299 Serafine Hebrew Burning fire. F
300 Serah Biblical Lady of scent, song, the morning star F

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