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101 Yunus Muslim The Biblical Jonas is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
102 Yura Greek Farmer. M
103 Yura Russian Farmer. M
104 Yure Greek Farmer. M
105 Yure Ukrainian Farmer. M
106 Yuri Greek Farmer. M
107 Yuri Russian Variant of George. M
108 Yurii Greek Farmer. M
109 Yurii Russian Farmer. M

110 Yurik Russian Farmer. M
111 Yurochka Greek Farmer. M
112 Yurochka Russian Farmer. M
113 Yusef Hebrew God shall multiply. M
114 Yusuf Arabic Arabic form of Joseph. M
115 Yusuf Muslim The Biblical Joseph is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
116 Yves French Yew; archer. M
117 Yves German Variant of Ivo: Yew. Introduced into Britain during the Norman Conquest. M
118 Yvet French Archer. M
119 Yvon French Archer. M

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