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101 Kane French Field of combat. From the place name 'Caen'. Popular as a first name in Australia. M
102 Kane Gaelic Tribute. M
103 Kane Irish Fighter. M
104 Kane Japanese Putting together; money. Surname. M
105 Kane Welsh Beautiful. Popular as a first name in Australia. M
106 Kanelinqes ArthurianLegend Father of Tristan. M
107 Kangee NativeAmerican Raven (Sioux). M
108 Kanishka Indian Name of a king. M
109 Kannan Sanskrit A Form of Krishna. M

110 Kannen Sanskrit A Form of Krishna. M
111 Kannon Japanese Form of Kuan-yin who was Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy. M
112 Kano Japanese One's masculine power; capability. M
113 Kanoa Hawaiian The free one. M
114 Kansbar Persian Treasure master. M
115 Kaori Japanese Add a man's strength. M
116 Kaphiri Egyptian Hill. M
117 Kapil Hindi From Kapila - Vastu. M
118 Karaamat Muslim Variant of Karamat: Miracle. Nobility.. M
119 Karalie Scandinavian Abbreviation of Katherine. 'Pure.'. M
120 Karam Muslim Noble nature. Magnanimity.. M

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