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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
81 Jagger English Carter. M
82 Jago English Cornish variant of Jacob: He grasps the heel. Supplanter. M

83 Jago Hebrew Variant of Jacob: He grasps the heel. Supplanter. M
84 Jago Spanish Supplanter. M
85 Jagur Aramaic Biblical place-name meaning 'heap of stones; marker.'. M
86 Jagur Biblical Husbandman; stranger M
87 Jah Biblical The everlasting. M
88 Jahaleel Biblical Praising God, light of God. M
89 Jahath Biblical Broken in pieces, descending. M
90 Jahaz Biblical Quarrel, dispute. M
91 Jahazah Biblical Quarrel, dispute. M
92 Jahaziah Biblical The vision of the Lord. M
93 Jahaziel Biblical Seeing God. M

94 Jahdiel Biblical The unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God. M
95 Jahdo Biblical I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newness M
96 Jahi Egyptian Dignified. M
97 Jahleel Biblical Waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in God. M
98 Jahmai Biblical Warm, making warm. M
99 Jahmal Arabic Handsome. M
100 Jahnu Indian Name of a sage. M

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