Browse Boys Baby Names Starting with letter 'A'

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2681 Aswyn English Variant of Aswin: Friend with a spear. M
2682 Aswynn English Variant of Aswin: Friend with a spear. M

2683 Asyncritus Biblical Incomparable. M
2684 Ata African Ghanian name given to the first-born twin. M
2685 Ata Egyptian Twin. M
2686 Ata'halne' NativeAmerican He interrupts (Navajo). M
2687 Ataa Muslim Gift. Favor.. M
2688 Ataa' Muslim Variant of Ataa: Gift. Favor.. M
2689 Atabulus Latin Southeastem wind. M
2690 Atad Biblical A thorn. M
2691 Atagulkalu NativeAmerican Cherokee name meaning pitched trees. M
2692 Ataiah Hebrew God helps. M
2693 Atarah Biblical A crown M

2694 Ataroth Biblical Crowns M
2695 Ataroth-addar Biblical Crowns of power M
2696 Ataya Hebrew Variant of Ataiah: God helps. M
2697 Atelic Anglo-Saxon Horrible. M
2698 Atemu Egyptian Mythical great god of Annu. M
2699 Aten Egyptian Sun disk. M
2700 Ater Biblical Left hand, shut. M

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