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101 Orrel Slavic Eagle. M
102 Pavel Slavic Little. Form of Paul. M
103 Pjotr Slavic Stone. M
104 Pyotr Slavic Stone. M
105 Radilu Slavic Works for the people. F
106 Radinka Slavic Active. F
107 Radmilla Slavic Works for the people. F
108 Rorik Slavic Red. M
109 Rorric Slavic Red. M

110 Rostislav Slavic Glory. M
111 Rurik Slavic Red. M
112 Sagan Slavic Wise one. Surname. M
113 Sandor Slavic Defender of man. M
114 Slava Slavic Glory. M
115 Slavik Slavic Military glory. M
116 Slavochka Slavic Glory. M
117 Sonja Slavic Wise. F
118 Stanislas Slavic Military glory. M
119 Stanislaus Slavic Military glory. M
120 Stanislav Slavic Military glory. M

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