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81 Jeirgif Russian Russian form of George 'farmer'. M
82 Jermija Russian Russian form of Jeremiah 'Gods appointed one'. M
83 Jov Russian Form of Job 'persecuted'. M
84 Jurg Russian Russian form of George 'farmer'. M
85 Karol Russian Strong. M
86 Karolek Russian Strong. M
87 Khristine Russian Variant of the Scandinavian Kristina 'Christian'. M
88 Kiril Russian Noble. M
89 Kiryl Russian Noble. M

90 Kolenka Russian Of the conquering people. M
91 Kolya Russian Of the conquering people. M
92 Konstantine Russian Constant. M
93 Kostenka Russian Constant. M
94 Kostya Russian Constant. M
95 Laurente Russian Russian form of Lawrence 'laurel'. M
96 Lenya Russian Lion. M
97 Leonide Russian Lion. M
98 Lev Russian Lion. M
99 Levka Russian Lion. M
100 Levushka Russian Lion. M

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