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61 Kamillra Polish Ceremonial attendant. F
62 Kasienka Polish Pure. F
63 Kaska Polish Pure. F
64 Kassia Polish Pure. F
65 Katanyna Polish Polish form of Catherine. F
66 Katarina Polish Variant of Katherine. Pure. F
67 Katine Polish Polish form of Catherine. F
68 Katrine Polish Polish form of Catherine. F
69 Katy Polish Polish form of Catherine. F

70 Khrystyna Polish Variant of Christina: Christian. Note: 'This Database is Copyright Muse Creations Inc. 2000'.. F
71 Krysta Polish Christian. F
72 Krystka Polish Christian. F
73 Krystyn Polish Christian. F
74 Krystyna Polish Variant of Christine. Christian. F
75 Krystynka Polish Christian. F
76 Kunegundy Polish Name of a queen. F
77 Kunigunde Polish Name of a queen. F
78 Lechsinska Polish Wood nymph. F
79 Lidia Polish From Lydia. F
80 Likla Polish Famous battle maid. F


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