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81 Dorek Polish Gift from God. M
82 Doroata Polish Polish form of Dorothy: Gift from God. F
83 Dyzek Polish Earth-lover. M
84 Edek Polish Guardian of property. M
85 Edyta Polish Polish form of Edith: wealthy gift. F
86 Egidiusz Polish Protective shield. M
87 Elek Polish Blond. M
88 Eljasz Polish God is the Lord. M
89 Elwira Polish Polish form of Elvira: white. F

90 Elzbieta Polish Variant of English/Hebrew name Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty. F
91 Emmilian Polish Active. M
92 Erek Polish Lovable. M
93 Eryk Polish Lovable. M
94 Eufemiusz Polish Nice voice. M
95 Eustachy Polish Steady; stable. M
96 Euzebia Polish Pious. F
97 Ewa Polish Polish form of Eva: brings life. F
98 Fela Polish Lucky. F
99 Feliks Polish Polish form of Felix 'lucky'. M
100 Felka Polish Lucky. F


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