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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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41 Bergdis Norse Spirit protection. F
42 Bergthora Norse Thor's spirit. F
43 Bestla Norse Mother of Odin. F
44 Bifrost Norse A bridge. F
45 Bodil Norse Fighting woman. F
46 Bodile Norse Fighting woman. F
47 Bodilla Norse Fighting woman. F
48 Borghild Norse Wife of Sigmund. F
49 Borghilda Norse Wife of Sigmund. F

50 Borghlide Norse Wife of Sigmund. F
51 Borgny Norse Help. F
52 Botilda Norse Directing heroine. F
53 Brenda Norse Feminine form of the Norse masculine name Brand, meaning sword or torch. F
54 Brisingamen Norse Freya's necklace. F
55 Brit Norse From Britain. F
56 Brita Norse From Britain. F
57 Britta Norse From Britain. F
58 Brunhild Norse Armored fighting woman. F
59 Brunhilda Norse Armored fighting woman. F
60 Brunnehilde Norse Armored fighting woman. F

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